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4 Common Eyeliner Mistakes and Key Dos and Don'ts

4 Common Eyeliner Mistakes and Key Dos and Don'ts
For beginners, eyeliner is not easy to draw on Not only are the thickness and angle not easy to grasp, but the eyeliner in the wrong place may be dizzy! In this issue, the editor has sorted out 4 common eyeliner misunderstandings and key points for eyeliner beginners to help you quickly leave the novice village and draw charming eyes with discharge.
Eyeliner Misunderstanding 1: The inner eyeliner is not drawn on the outside of the eyelashes!
Visually, the double eyelid will narrow and the eyes will become fierce. Also, the eyeliner is drawn on the outside of the base of the lashes, because repeated rubbing and oil stains when blinking can make the eyeliner dizzy easily.
Therefore, the correct inner eyeliner should be drawn at the "root of the eyelashes" We can use eyeliner caps or cotton swabs to help open the lids. In addition, for beginners, I suggest that you choose "round eyeliner, use the dot method" to draw inner eyeliner, which is not only easy to use but also less scary.
Eyeliner Misunderstanding 2: Eyeliner is too long
The ideal daily eyeliner length is "no longer than the extension of the double eyelid". If it is a girl with a single eyelid, you can pull out the end of the eye by 3-5mm. Eye makeup above 5mm is more imposing and more suitable for full makeup or stage makeup.
Eyeliner Misunderstanding 3: Avoid eyeliner and draw it in the sunken part of the eye
In the sunken part of the eye, in addition to being prone to oil and secretions, coupled with repeated friction when blinking, it is easy to dizzy makeup. Therefore, if you want the eyeliner not to be dizzy, it is recommended to draw it above the depression at the end of the eye.
Eyeliner Misunderstanding 4: The second half of the eyeliner can be drawn
Finally, for girls who are prone to dizziness when drawing eyeliner, it is recommended to avoid the eyes and draw about 3/4 of the length of the eyeliner. In this way, you can avoid the eyes that are not easy to color, do not apply dirty eye makeup, and do not have to worry about greasy eyes, excessive secretions, and dizzy eyeliner. Panda Eyes.
Although it is said that eyeliner is the most technical step in the entire eye makeup, if you master these 4 little skills and practice more, beginners can also get started quickly and draw beautiful eye makeup!


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