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How many lipsticks are there?

How many lipsticks are there?

How many lipsticks are there?

Basic classification:

(1) Matte lipstick:

Contains the most pigment, the most intense color. It's neither shiny nor reflective by itself, but it stays on for a long time without fading. It does not contain moisturizing ingredients, so it is not suitable for honey friends with thin lips and more lip lines.

(2) Satin Lipstick:

Satin lipsticks have high oil content, so they appear bright, and the color is slightly lighter, light and transparent. This lipstick is generally slightly sticky and scented. Easy to wipe off and moisturizing, it is often used with matte lipstick or lip gloss to achieve the effect of coexisting color and gloss.

(3) Lip gloss:

This lipstick is between matte and satin, and contains more wax than matte, so it protects the lips better, but it also often dries the lips.

(4) Shine lipstick:

Also known as Yingcai lipstick or lip jelly, it contains some reflective particles such as mica, silica, artificial pearls or fish scales. The glossy lipsticks come in light shades and are suitable for special occasions.

(5) Long-lasting lipstick:

Almost all lipsticks have the problem of easy falling off and need to be reapplied in time. But this type of lipstick solves that problem. Some long lasting lipsticks are very drying. Long-lasting lipstick usually consists of two parts: basic care and added satin. The base part has silicone oil that can keep the color for a long time. Once the lipstick is dry, you can apply a colorless satin to increase the luster. The satin part can be wiped repeatedly, but the base color can only be washed off after removing makeup.


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