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3 Recommended Ways to Apply Lipstick for Beginners

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How to Apply Light Makeup Lipstick
Lipsticks that are too dark in color are not suitable for any occasion in daily life, just apply a thin layer of lipstick that is not too exaggerated to enhance your skin tone. This is also a very simple lip makeup that is great for beginners~.
The specific steps for light-colored lipstick lips are as follows.
1, Apply a little lip balm with your fingers, apply it on your lips and apply it until it is even and natural.
2, Apply a lip gloss of the same color or clear. If you just want to look glossy, apply it only to the center of the upper and lower lips.
3, Use a tissue to absorb the gloss, take a tissue, cover the lips and brush it with a loose powder brush.

How to Apply Lipstick Method 2
Concealer or foundation, lip balm, lip gloss, cotton swab
1 First, cover your lips with a concealer, or use foundation as a base and apply with your lips. Add color to the face and lips.
2 Then start applying lip gloss along the white dotted line, touching only the lower lip inside the dotted line.
3 Then lift the upper and lower lips naturally so that the inner side of both upper and lower lips are covered by the lip gloss.
Method/Step 2
1 Then apply the lip gloss evenly on the remaining unpainted lips
2 Gently wipe the corners of the lips with a cotton pad.
3 Finally, apply a layer of lip balm to moisturize your lips while increasing the brightness of your lips.

How to apply lip balm Method 3
1 For the normal method, apply it directly to your mouth, but it is a little uneven and the color will float on the surface.
2 Then we need to press the lips with our fingers, not to apply, but to press, so the color will be very even and real.
3 Another way is to take some lipstick with your fingers and apply it directly with your hands and press it on your lips so that the effect is usually very thin and soft.
4. The effect of applying lipstick with a lip brush is also very good. Draw a good lip line from both sides to the middle first, so it will be easier to control. The intensity should be moderate. The effect is very even and will not fade.
5. You also need to pay attention to the posture of applying lipstick, especially when applying it directly. If you don't open your mouth and flatten all the lip lines, it will be difficult to apply the lipstick evenly.
6 Of course, each lipstick is different in quality, some are greasy, some are matte, and the method of application is different as well. I hope we can all learn something.


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