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Five differences between lip gloss and lipstick that you need to know for your own brand!

Five differences between lip gloss and lipstick that you need to know for your own brand!

Some people like to use lipstick and some people like to use lip gloss, whether it is lip gloss or lipstick, both look great on the mouth. But these two are completely different types, so what is the difference between lip gloss and lipstick? Let Audrey answer you!

What are the differences between lip gloss and lipstick?

Difference One: Texture

First First of all, and most importantly, the texture of lip gloss and lipstick is different. Lip gloss is a sticky liquid texture that is enriched with various highly moisturizing oils and gloss factors. It contains fewer colored pigments and wax. Generally, the container is cylindrical and has a lip brush. Lipstick is a fixed balm containing highly moisturizing oils, fewer gloss factors, more pigments, and waxes, less moisturizing and less transparent than lip gloss, but has a higher lip adhesion and does not discolor and produce shine as easily as lip gloss.

Difference 2: Ingredients

Lip glosses have lipstick pigments, natural plant extracts such as vitamin E, waxes, and some special ingredients. Lipstick ingredients contain wax, softeners, bases, oils, fragrances and flavors, colorants, and a few ingredients. The different ingredients give different sensations and effects. Lip glosses are very moisturizing and shiny, while lip balms are slightly less so, but their staying power is much better than lip glosses.

Difference 3: Color

Lip glosses and lipsticks are not the same in terms of color. Lip gloss is less saturated and the color is less visible on the lips, but it creates moisturized lips that are brighter. Lipstick is highly saturated and has the ability to cover the color of the lips very well. It is also very firm and does not spill over even if the lip lines are deep. It can be used to change the color of the lips and sculpt the shape of lips. Its color is much darker than lip gloss.

Difference 4: How to use

Lip gloss and lipstick are used in different ways. Lip gloss can be applied directly to the lips with a lip brush and applied evenly and naturally. There is no need to ask for it in the mirror and it is not too much to ask for a richer amount. Lipstick is more complicated to use and requires a priming job with lip balm before use. This is done by outlining the ideal lip contour with a lip pencil and then applying it from the upper lip corner towards the center of the lips. After applying the outer side, gradually apply it to the inner side until it is completely covered. When applying lipstick for the first time, it can be quite greasy. It is best to quietly press the lips with a tissue to get a more natural effect.

Difference 5: Suitable for people

Lip glosses and lipsticks are suitable for different people. The color saturation of lip gloss is very low. Assuming that people with darker lips and lip gloss are not suitable for use and have no effect after application. Lip gloss is best for people with good lip color, and if the lips are darker, lipstick should be used. Lipstick color saturation is good for all people, but you should choose the right lipstick color according to your skin tone.


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